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Quality Assurance
Exceeding Customer Expectations

High Reliability, Military & Space Level Part Testing

All of our high reliability, military, space level and commercial parts are manufactured on the same production line. This ensures consistent quality for all our products. It is standard for all MSI parts to undergo a 100% electrical test and 100% visual inspection. In addition, the parts are checked for conformance to a 1% AQL at Final QC Inspection. The quality assurance department performs testing to MIL-PRF-55342, MIL-PRF-38534 and customer specific requirements.  

Ethics Statement

Ethical business practices is the highest priority of Mini-Systems, Inc. This includes our employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors. We are an equal opportunity employer, comply with all laws & regulations and protect intellectual property. To report any violations please call 1-508-695-0203.