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Thick & Thin Film - ISO 9001 Certified





Precision Hi-Reliability Chip Resistors
The highest quality of hybrid microelectronic packages available.

Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI) Background

Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI) is justifiably proud of the role it has earned as a worldwide leader in manufacturing precision thick and thin film chip resistors; along with capacitors, metal/glass sidewall packages, custom thick film hybrid circuits, and multi-chip modules. Since 1968, MSI has built success on a foundation of commitment to quality and responsive customer service. MSI¡¯s commitment to quality has and continues to be the cornerstone for decades of successful efforts to build award winning relationships with its customers. In the eyes f its customers MSI¡¯s ongoing success is evidenced by the actions of Northrop Grumman who, following upon several years of public recognition of MSI¡¯s exemplary service, most recently, awarded MSI its highly prized recognition as ¡°Platinum Supplier¡±. MSI is called upon when high reliability, responsiveness and high performance are required in a broad range of applications including medical, spacecraft and military.

From our first day of operation, we have known that practical dedication to service, including rapid and informed customer centered response, is the key to building lasting customer relationships. As in the past, we look forward toward putting forth a world class effort designd especially to serve your unique interests and to ensure the achievement of your goals and objectives.

Thin Film Division:

A leading ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer of Precision Hi-Reliability Chip Resistors for more than 30 years.  Quick response to critical requirements and customer concerns combined with knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are key to providing the service our customers expect. Along with an extensive line of Standard products. The Thin Film Division provides design service for custom resistor arrays, RC Networks, and Custom circuits for high frequency applications.  Q.P.L. approved on select MIL-PRF-55342 part styles. "R" Failure Rate Qualified.  All Thin Film components are RoHS compliant, unless part contains Solder, in which case, we offer 2 types of Lead-Free Solder.

Electronic Package:
MSI's Electronic Package Division has been providing the Electronics Industry with the highest quality of hybrid microelectronic packages available. Quick response to critical requirements and questions along with knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are key to providing the service our customers expect. The Electronic Package Division is best known for supplying the hybrid alternative to plastic microelectronic packages. The Alumina / Glass Sidewall package. These packages meet military and space level quality as well as exceeding all commercial needs. Our division also offers the same abilities in the manufacturing of all other package requirements.

Hybrid Assembly:
We provide the electronics industry with the highest quality hybrid microelectronic assembly; offering technical sales and service for all your design needs. Manufacturing capabilities for hybrid assembly, thick film technology, surface mount technology, chip and wire assemblies and electronic packaging. Services include custom layout and design, auto and manual gold wirebonding, specialized substrate metalization, Hermetic sealing, solder reflow, and custom packaging and sub-assemblies. Compliance to MIL-I-45208A, High-Rel and Quality Standards.

Thick Film Division:

ISO 9001 Certified. MSI has been a leading manufacturer of Precision Hi-Reliability Chip Resistors for more than 30 Years. Quick response to critical requirements and quick response to questions by knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are keys to providing the unsurpassed service our customers have learned to expect. MSI's products are designed for superior solder fillets for optimum performance in the area of stability, solderability, adhesion, power dissipation and life. Q.P.L. approved to all MIL-PRF-55342 style parts including the /1 part. "S" Failure Rate Qualified. There is no compromise in our effort to manufacture only the best products. Industry leading manufacturing practices have forged the way for MSI's technological superiority. We produce products that are in use in virtually all industries that require precision; see the article, Anatomy of a High-Reliability Chip Resistor which describes Mini-Systems' perfected assembly process. Also, for 2006 MSI has AGAIN been awarded the title, "GOLD SUPPLIER" by Northrop Grumman Space Technology Systems for the 3rd year. TRW's choice of MSI was made from among 1185 suppliers.

Chip Attenuator, Wire Bondable Resistor, Mounting Pad & Resistor Network


The WORLD¡¯S FIRST Supplier of QPL/1,13, 0502 & 0302 Style Resistors
High Reliability, Precision, Thick Film Chip Resistors and Networks
QPL Approved to MIL-PRF-55342,¡±T¡± Space Level Qualified
Surface Mount, Wire Bondable, and Flip Chip Configurations
T and Pi, Low Loss, Chip Attenuators
Standard and Custom, Gold on Ceramic, Jumpers and Standoffs

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